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BFB Family

The Berrian Family in Silver Spring, Maryland, 1985 Antoinette (‘Toni”), Derek and Albert Jr. (back) Mary, Albert Sr. and Brenda (front)

BFB and Mom

Mary (“Ma Berrian”) and Brenda in Maryland, 1999

BFB, 14

Brenda at age fourteen in Jersey City, New Jersey, 1961

02-13-2021 BFB Siblings PanAM

The Berrians in Léopoldville, Republic of the Congo, 1962 Toni and Brenda (back) Albert and Derek (front)

BFB Paternal Grandparents500

Florence and Cornelius "Neal" Berrian, paternal grandparents

Brenda and Mandela

Brenda in front of Mandela statue, Union Buildings, Pretoria, South Africa

Nobel Prize, 1998

Brenda holding President Nelson Mandela’s Nobel Prize medal and letter in South Africa, 1998

BFB and Friend, 1973

Florence and Brenda at Le Bourget Airport, Paris, France, 1973

BFB, 1996

Brenda in Alice, South Africa, 1996

BFB Friends, 1973

Jackie, Fidelus and Brenda in Paris, France, 1973


Brenda in her Pittsburgh home

Brenda F Berrian

Brenda in Dakar, Senegal


South African Township by M. Mosoko

Cape Town

Cape Flats, Cape Town, South Africa, by Thabo Nyele, 1998

Ndebele Dolls

South African Ndebele dolls

Taxi Stand

Taxi stand in Alice, South Africa, by Annette Loubser, 1996

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